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Age Group (4 to 5 Yrs)

Class Teachers

Naradi Devi Dasi
Santha Vishnumolakala



Age Group (6 to 7 Yrs)

Class Teachers

Naradi Devi Dasi
Navajothi N
Brindha S



Age Group (8 to 9 Yrs)

Class Teachers

Amala Radhika Devi Dasi
Santha V



Age Group (10 to 12 Yrs)

Class Teachers

Vrajesvari Pran Devi Dasi
Divya Hemanji Devi Dasi



Age Group (13 to 18 Yrs)

Class Teachers

Lal Gopal das
Priya Devi Dasi
DR Ashok Kumar
Ravindranath Govinda Das

Class Teachers

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Gopal G

GCS Admin
📱 636-734-2646
DR Ashok Kumar
I, Dr.Ashok Kumar have been with ISKCON and serving temple in various capacities for over 10+ yrs, I am a local physician by profession and serving ST. Louis area for 28+ years. I love teaching and always strive to help children with Spiritual Education and moral values.


Vrajesvari Pran dEVI DASI
I, Vrajesvari Pran devi dasi (Vijayalakshmi Divakaran) have been associated with ISKCON, St. Louis since 2002 and have been practicing Bhakti yoga for past 16 yrs. I have a master’s degree in Nursing, specialized in Heart Failure and practicing as a Program Manager of Heart Failure Disease Management. I am certified in Bhakti Sastri. I love teaching Vedic knowledge and to help Children embrace those spiritual values into their practical life. 
Naradi Devi Dasi
I am Naradi Devi Dasi. Me and my family got introduced to Krishna Consciousness since 2003. Served as Krishna Balaram Ballwin School teacher for a while. Energetic individual eager to serve and nurture your kids with smile to grow stronger in Krishna Consciousness. Always in the mood to serve Guru and please Krishna.🙏🏻
Priya Devi Dasi
I, Priya Devi Dasi (Priyanka Ganguly), got introduced to ISKCON 9 years back. I am pursuing Bhakti Shastri from the Bhakti Vedanta Institute. Academically, I am doing my PhD in rhetoric, writing, and technical and professional communication from Virginia Tech. I explore health and medical communication from a humanities perspective. I also completed my master’s in technical communication from Missouri University of Science & Technology. In addition, I teach engineering communication to the materials science and engineering students. Previously, I worked as a technical writer, human resource executive, and client executive. I love doing kirtan and bhajan and writing non-fiction. 
Ravindranath Govinda Das
I have been with ISKCON for over 9 years now and  love to serve our temple in various capacities. I am a Bhakti Sastri Certified and passionate individual striving to learn and share Vedic spiritual knowledge. Bringing forth dedication, skill, and the desire to positively impact the lives of the children.
Navajothi N
I have done M.Phil(HR). I am currently working in a non-profit organization. My hobbies are Mehandi, Painting and Dancing. I love working with kids and being part of their Spiritual Journey. Hare Krishna 🙏🏻
I, Deepika Swain got introduced to ISKCON around 12 years back by reading Srila Prabhupada’s books and got a chance to serve the St Louis Krishna Balaram community since 2020. I have completed my Master in Business Application specialized in Finance and Systems, Master in Elementary Education and currently working as an elementary school teacher in a public school and now I am pursuing my Master in Leadership and Curriculum and also pursuing my Bhakti Shastri.
I love cooking for Lord and feeding Prasadam to the devotees and my favorite festivals are Rath Yatra, Govardhan Puja and all other Vaishnav festivals .
I love helping kids learn and gain spiritual knowledge and apply the same practically in their life and this also helps me in acquiring more knowledge so it is a two-way process..🙏🏻
Brindha S
I, Brindh Srinivasan completed my Master’s degree in computer science and working in a public school as an Instructional Assistant. Me and my family practicing Krishna consciousness for the past 5 years. I am very excited and love to serve and learn with the kids throughout this spiritual journey.
Santha V
This is Santha. Completed MTech computer science. Working in IT development. Raising 2 kids. Learning and practicing Bhakti yoga with our other services like Group Bhagavatam reading , Everyday Bhagavad-Gita slokas and weekend language specific Bhagavad-Gita and Bhagavatam classes. Helped kids in this 2021 Summer program. Love to work with all our Krishna’s and learn together. 🙏🙏.


I , Aparna along with my family got introduced to Krishna consciousness since 2013. I completed my Bachelors and have been working in a Healthcare company as a Business analyst. I love teaching kids about importance of Krishna Bhakti from early age and the power of devotee association.


ISKCON St Louis (GOLOKA CHILDREN SCHOOL) conducts Sunday school classes every Sunday for children with aged 4 to 18. Children are taught Vedic knowledge in a very easy and practical in a fun and safe environment.

We follow a nice curriculum developed by very experienced and talented devotees based on Vedic scriptures such as Bhagavad-Gītā and Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam. Children also learn sanskrit slokas, stories, participate in dramas and cultural activities.

Some of the topics of the curriculum include: Devotional principles, Cow protection, Vegetarian living, Festivals of India, Introduction to Bhagavad-Gita, Pastimes of Lord Krishna, Stories from Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam.


For further Information, Please contact Gopal G@ 636-734-2646